Insurance and tort law

NORDIA's specialists in insurance and tort law have extensive experience and thorough skills in litigation and arbitration proceedings in the insurance and tort law fields. We represent both international as well as domestic insurance companies in matters relating to insurance indemnification, liability, reinsurance and rights of recourse claims. In addition, NORDIA regularly assists insurance companies, insurance brokers and insured parties in the interpretation, negotiation and drafting of insurance agreements and insurance terms conditions. NORDIA also represents injured parties in cases involving damages and liability as well as defending parties in such litigation.


Andreas Natt och Dag - STOCKHOLM
Anna Martin - STOCKHOLM
Clara Lundin - STOCKHOLM
Emil Hofbard - STOCKHOLM
Evelina Rosenborg - STOCKHOLM
Helena Lundkvist - STOCKHOLM
Hugo Westerlund - STOCKHOLM
Johan Strömberg - STOCKHOLM
Kristin Persson - STOCKHOLM
Matilda Kindgren - STOCKHOLM
Melina Auvinen - STOCKHOLM
Mikaela Kempe Bergner - STOCKHOLM
Viveca Löwenhielm - STOCKHOLM
Åke Fransson - GOTHENBURG
Viktor Österberg - GOTHENBURG
Perttu Kaikkonen - HELSINKI
Timo Skurnik - HELSINKI
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