Services for investors

We provide practical legal advice to investors and venture capitalists. We advise you on your legal matters at the various stages of transactions and financing rounds. We assist in the planning and execution of a transaction, financing round, minority investment, and due diligence process. We also advise on the post-acquisition phases and handle the necessary notifications to the authorities.

We will:

  • run the legal due diligence on the company you’re planning to invest in
  • draft or review your legal documents, the letter of intent, and the contract of sale and purchase
  • counsel you before and during an investment round
  • negotiate with the company you’re investing in together with you or on your behalf.

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Are you investing in a Nordic company or in a company located abroad in the Nordics?

We know both – the Nordics and international law – and can advise you on the differences between them. Depending on your needs, we also have a network of global partner law firms we can work with.

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We are your legal advisors in the Nordics. Our team consists of modern and straightforward lawyers and legal assistants from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Our five focus practice areas are corporate law, contract law, M&A, intellectual property, and dispute resolution.

We advise companies and venture capital investors on private equity mergers, investments, and acquisitions, as well as due diligence, regulatory work, and contract negotiations. We have a strong M&A practice, with a focus on small to middle-sized transactions and financing rounds. Our clients include local and international private equity investors and companies ranging from startups to large international corporations.

Our competitive advantage compared to larger law firms is our agility. By keeping the team small and engaging only team members with vast experience of your commission, we operate in a way that is hard to beat in terms of efficiency, cost, and quality.

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