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NORDIA Law’s international cooperation

By Timo Skurnik
Published: 15.06.2022 | Posted in Insights

A few weeks ago, I participated as NORDIA Law’s representative in the Annual General Meeting of LAWorld, which is an international legal network and got to meet my colleagues from around the world after a long Covid-break. Inspired by the meeting I decided to write a short blog about NORDIA Law’s international cooperation.

NORDIA Law is a Nordic law firm and in addition to Finland, we have offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Due to the international nature of our customers’ business operations we almost daily have assignments with some international aspects. It might be an agreement with international customer or partner, international trademark application or -litigation, international transaction or a foreign civil litigation or criminal case. In some instances we must use our international colleagues in consultation or in a more substantive way. In these sorts of situations our LAWorld co-operation comes in handy.

What is LAWorld?

LAWorld is a non-exclusive legal network of 57 independent mid-sized law firms around the world. Most of the LAWorld member firms are mediums sized within their jurisdictions and have broadly based commercial, corporate and business practices. LAWorld’s member firms cover most of the major commercial centres of the world, with more than 1350 lawyers across 100 cities.

The purpose of LAWorld is to offer its members a network of experts, to whom the members can rely on in international assignments. In addition, LAWorld offers its members an excellent platform to share current information and best practices.

How LAWorld works?

The cooperation within the LAWorld is based on the regional (EMEA, APAC and Americas) and international meetings, which are held several times per year. These meetings offers the LAWorld members an excellent opportunity to network and share best practices between international colleagues. NORDIA Law has been a member of LAWorld since 2012 and participated actively especially within the EMEA group. Thanks to this cooperation, our clients now have a vast international network of highly qualified business lawyers at their use, with many of whom we have very good personal relationships with.

During the past few years, we have cooperated with the LAWorld members in many projects, where our clients have needed legal support. Most of these projects have had either North American or European connection. However, we have at times also cooperated with our colleagues in South America and Asia. Each time we have been extremely happy with the quality and timeliness services our clients have received. Our cooperation and close personal relationships within the network ensure transparent and reasonable pricing anywhere in the world.

LAWorld also offers our younger lawyers an excellent vantagepoint to international business law. LAWorld has an active exchange-program, which offers our younger lawyers an opportunity to apply for a fixed term exchange in a LAWorld member firm. We have had the pleasure to host a junior lawyer from LAWorld’s Frankfurt office, who has been working in our office from the beginning of April and returning back to Germany in the end of June.

We regularly handle assignments relating to international business law. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any help with your international business operations.

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