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Solstad Offshore ASA – Restructuring dispute

By Helge Skogseth Berg
Published: 07.12.2023 | Posted in News

The Norwegian investment company Kistefos AS has demanded to summon shareholders in Solstad Offshore ASA to an extraordinary general meeting in order to vote on a damages claim against, among others, the existing board members of Solstad Offshore ASA, AMSC ASA and Aker Capital AS.
According to Kistefos AS, the claim is currently expected to total approximately NOK 4 billion to NOK 6 billion.

NORDIA Law partner Helge Skogseth Berg at the Oslo office, has been asked by Kistefos AS to act as chairman of a substitute board in Solstad Offshore ASA.


Press photo/Solstad Offshore

Helge Skogseth Berg
Partner, Oslo +47 908 00 177

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