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Our cooperation with DAC Beachcroft

By Johan Strömberg
Published: 21.09.2023 | Posted in News

We are delighted to announce that NORDIA Law has signed a ‘friendly firm’ agreement to formalize its relationship with DAC Beachcroft

In April 2023, NORDIA Law and DAC Beachcroft signed an agreement to enhance the provision of exceptional legal advice to their shared clients, primarily insurers, risk carriers, insured individuals, and industry professionals. This collaboration ensures that clients have access to “best in class”, enabling seamless and comprehensive support for clients in their legal matters.

DAC Beachcroft is a worldwide market-leading law firm with an extensive expertise in insurance that provides NORDIA Law with valuable coverage outside the Nordic region.

We look forward to continuing this cooperation in providing the best services to insurance clients in the region and beyond.

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Johan Strömberg
Partner, Stockholm +46 70 510 57 75

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