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Case: Auxiliary firm-name dispute resolution

By Pinja Hoffrichter
Published: 22.06.2022 | Posted in Cases

NORDIA Law acted as the legal advisor in the dispute resolution of Blue Water Shipping Ltd.

The plaintiff sought the annulment of the auxiliary firm-name of our principal, Wikeström & Krogius, on the ground that it had not been used in the past year.

In its preliminary ruling KKO: 2022:41, the Supreme Court stated that the evidence we presented for the utilization of the auxiliary firm-name in the business was sufficient. The Supreme Court annulled the Market Court’s decision and dismissed the plaintiff’s claim for annulment.

Blue Water Shipping is a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management.

NORDIA Law team included Pinja Hoffrichter, Tia Mäki and Niklas Sundqvist from the Helsinki office.

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