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Case: Uniogen Oy’s financing round

By Timo Skurnik and Niklas Virtanen
Published: 26.06.2024 | Posted in Cases
We acted as the legal advisor for Uniogen Oy in their financing round.

In spring 2024, Uniogen conducted a share issue, raising a total of EUR 2.8 million for product development investments facilitating business growth. Through the share issue, Uniogen was able to expand its operations and strengthen its position in planned partnership negotiations.

Uniogen is a Finnish pioneer in the field of healthcare technology, specifically within in vitro diagnostics (IVD). Uniogen is developing, manufacturing and selling diagnostic tests and laboratory equipment, and is a provider of development and manufacturing services of laboratory instruments and reagents for IVD and life science industry. The company has extensive experience in developing, manufacturing and commercialization of sophisticated laboratory instruments and diagnostic tests. The company’s solutions are suitable for diagnosis of infectious and cancer diseases and life science applications. The company’s products are used globally. Approximately 85% of the Uniogen sales are outside Finland and about 65% outside Europe. Uniogen employs around 80 diagnostic and multidisciplinary healthcare technology professionals.

Read more on Uniogen Oy’s website:

Timo Skurnik
Attorney, Partner, Helsinki +358 41 523 1143
Niklas Virtanen
Attorney, Senior Associate, Helsinki +358 40 079 6155

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