Dispute resolution

A dispute steals time and resources from what is most important: the productive business. Avoiding disputes should therefore be the focus of every corporate management team and lawyer. However, when it is not possible to avoid a dispute, you can feel safe and secure with your assistance from NORDIA. We make your commercial values the highest priority in handling the dispute.

NORDIA is a well-established law firm in the litigation arena. Our lawyers are not just litigators but also active in other parts of commercial law. This, combined with the great litigation experience we possess, guarantees the best possible chance of success in your case.


Johan Strömberg - STOCKHOLM
Per Sjödin - STOCKHOLM
Mikaela Kempe Bergner - STOCKHOLM
Ulf G V Tollhage - GOTHENBURG
Åke Fransson - GOTHENBURG
Antti Hannula - HELSINKI
Matti Kari - HELSINKI
Niels Wegener - COPENHAGEN
Walther Rebernik - COPENHAGEN
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