Real Estate and Construction

Real estate is a central practice area at NORDIA. Our clients include all of the participants on the property market, such as owners, investors, developers, tenants, property managers, architects, engineers and contractors. We have provided legal advice in a large number of significant property related matters in Scandinavia including conveyances on a major scale. We also provide advice on a daily basis regarding construction law, planning and building related matters, and landlord tenant matters. Over the years, we have established a fundamental expertise in property law: the basis of our ability to handle our clients' needs and wishes.


Tomas Marcusson - STOCKHOLM
Mikaela Kempe Bergner - STOCKHOLM
Ulf G V Tollhage - GOTHENBURG
Fredrik Emanuel - GOTHENBURG
Antti Hannula - HELSINKI
Matti Kari - HELSINKI
Niels Wegener - COPENHAGEN
Simon Sørensen - COPENHAGEN
Mikkel Jarde - COPENHAGEN
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